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Customers often ask which material is most durable for outdoor furniture. Amongst our high-perfomance materials is teakwood, rated one of the best material for outdoor use. 

What is teak?

Teak is a tropical hardwood that comes from the Tectona Grandis tree. Our NATURA furniture line feature teak that is sustainably sourced in Indonesia. 

Our indonesian factory acknowledges that natures resources are limited. Our products are service-able: Regardless of age, we strive to provide clients with parts and components that are required to service a product in the event it requires repairs. Our partnered factory is FSC®, SVLK/FLEGT® and Amfori BSCI certified.

Are there different grades of teak?

Yes, teak is graded according to the part of the tree it's harvested from. Lower grade teak ( B - C - D) comes from the outter part of the tree, whereas grade A comes from the trunk's heartwood. Lower grade teak will have different shades and inconsistency in the color. It will also have more knots. 

Our NATURA line is made of grade A teak, the best teak on the market. Heartwood teak is more durable, more consistent in color and has a honey color complexion. Our teak trees are a minimum of 70 years old, and our furniture is always made of the same tree batch for best in class color consistency. 

Does teak requires maintenance?

Outdoor furniture exposed to the elements will endure the heat and humidity of summer, as well as the dryness and freezing temperatures of winter. Aside from the change in temperature, the seasonal extremes also involve the furniture being exposed to the UV radiation of the sun, rain, and snow. Therefore, the requirements for outdoor furniture are significantly greater than that of indoor furniture. Nevertheless, high-end teak furniture requires only a bare minimum in terms of maintenance. Depending on the environment the furniture is used in, we recommend that the furniture be cleaned with warm soapy water once or twice annually. Special teak care products may speed up the cleaning process, but are not required. 

After many years of exposure to the elements, the surface of your furniture may become rough. Should you wish to smoothen the rough surfaces, then you can do so using sandpaper. You may choose to only sand parts of the furniture. The sanded area will gradually develop a silver grey patina again and blend in with the rest of the furniture.

For teak furniture exposed to the elements, we do not recommend the use of teak oil, paint or varnish. Teak oil, paint and varnish will break down in an uneven manner and may peel off in chunks, increasing the level of maintenance required, as the application of new teak oil, paint or varnish will require that the old layers be sanded off.

Will my furniture keep its golden honey color?

We recommend that you allow your teak furniture to weather naturally. Your furniture will gradually develop a soft silver-grey patina. It is only the surface of the teak wood that will change colour. Once you clean your furniture with soapy water, or a dedicated teak cleaning product, the furniture will return to its original golden-brown color. Applying soapy water with a scouring brush or an abrasive pad such as 3M Scotchbrite will speed up the cleaning process. Occasional cleaning will ensure your furniture develops an even silver-grey patina without dark spots.
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