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What to Look for in Patio and Porch Furniture

What to Look for in Patio and Porch Furniture

With more people centering their social lives around smaller gatherings in the backyard, a comfortable patio or porch is essential. Outdoor living spaces are now extensions of people's homes, with outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and more. The furniture you choose will make a major impact on the aesthetic and functionality of your space. When you choose the furniture for the space, pay attention to a few specific features. Read on to learn about the details you should prioritize before visiting your local patio furniture store.

Durable Fabrics

All fabrics must be able to handle the weather. That includes being water-resistant and not allowing mold or mildew to form, as well as being UV-resistant and able to fend off fading and cracking. Even if you live in an area where the weather is generally mild, you'll still have to put up with rain, hot summer sun, wind, and maybe a dust storm or two. Your patio furniture fabric has to be able to survive all that and keep its appearance for years, assuming you take proper care of it.

Easy Maintenance

Speaking of care, any care or maintenance for the furniture needs to be easy. You don't want to have to perform an elaborate cleaning routine every week. Instead, seek materials you can easily wipe down. Look for metals that won't rust and plastic that won't crack easily after months of UV exposure. Find furniture at a patio furniture store that is easy to dust or hose down, too, as leaving dirt stuck in crevices formed by designs or weaving is the fastest way to make your furniture look dirty.

Top Comfort

Any patio or porch furniture you get has to be comfortable. Find chairs with plush cushions and stable ottomans that are spacious. Being able to stretch out when relaxing on the patio is one of the best ways to enjoy your space.

It's important to note that the porch and patio market is evolving. According to a report from Forbes, 48% of experts who have weighed in report that a combination of patio and porch may become one of the most popular features for homes. It's time to visit a patio furniture store to get items that are comfortable and suitable for any outdoor space. Call our team at Luxe Outdoor Living to learn more today!

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