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Congratulations on your upcoming event!

We know this is a very exciting and hectic time for you. Thus, we made our program simple and convenient. Our registry does not require you to pre - select any merchandise or require your friends and family to make minimum purchases.Instead, it works as a cash account established in your name at all of our store locations.Gift Buyers can make any dollar contribution they wish to your account by phone, online or visiting one of our stores.

How Gift Registry Works

  1. Create Gift Registry

    You will start by creating a registry account using the links above. Once created online, our registry staff will enter your account into our system and you will receive an e - mail letting you know your account is set up.

    Create Gift Registry
  2. Contribute

    Once your account is set up, you can then invite friends and family members to contribute to your registry online. They will click the link above and search for your account. They may then contribute dollar amounts to your account. NOTE: This is different from most registries in that they are contributing to an account, not selecting items from your list.

    Contribute to Gift registry
  3. Purchase Furniture

    Once friends and family have contributed to your account, you can stop by any store and make purchases against the balance in your registry account!

    Purchase your furniture and home decor.

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